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In order to familiarize myslf with more of you quicker and hopefully become more social/active on here.I thought I would ask you what zine(s) do you produce and what kind of zine is it.

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i currently do a zine called regeneration. the last issue was finished in the winter of 2006, but i'm going to have a new issue done soon, hopefully.
I produce art zines. 10 Post-it Sketches is one I've done a couple volumes of. I do a sketch on a post-it every day and eventually when I have 10 great ones I make a zine. I've made 2 so far and plan to keep making them. To me the Post-it zine is a great way to show my evolution as an artist and show people my work. Another art zine I'm working on now is Pretty Pictures and I should be done with it soon.
I should have known better than to unconfidently quote Belle and Sebastian, people that are into them are really into them! Gotta admire bands like that!
Ben Hutchings said:
I'm Ben from Canberra, Australia. Hello!

I do mostly mini comics: You Stink & I Don't, Glenjamin, Lesson Master
which is all satirical and black humour. I also have loads of one-shots and out of print stuff...

I also have two zines out: It Doesn't Take a Hero and It Ain't a Duty It's a Privelege
both are full of deliberately bad writing, poetry and art in the form of a personal war journal.

Glenjamin was really great!
Tattooed Memoirs- my life growing up in a heavily tattooed family and how life is for me raising a family being heavily tattooed mom! I've written five or so issues ...

Marked For Life - personal zine that deals with mental health, domestic stuff, relationships

Hard Knox - deals with domestic violence

I also put out a comp zine called Eye Candy ~

I've also written a few one shot mini zines and my daughter wrote two zines as well with me :)
Slumgullion! www.slumgullion.org We have an anthology-zine, the most recent is posted on our Etsy site... I am also creating a community print shop in Missoula, do a teen zine club there, have made zines for 15 years, and am looking for more zines to add to our amazing zine library.
Hello all!
I live in Spain and i'm working in two zines at the moment, first issues of both haha! Kinda newbie, i know! -_- Well, the are not finished yet, i hope they will be ready to trade soon (so drop me a message if you want to trade hehe), and Bloody Knee is made from drawings of mine, and Truncate Feather is made from my collages :D

Currently I have two zines that I've done. One is a sci-fi story. The other is a non-fiction zine on how to save money during the Christmas holidays.
Ax Wound: Gender & The Horror Genre (www.axwoundzine.com)
Technicolor Polkadot #1-3
Hearts & Butcher Knives: Pre-Violence & Impulse Empathy
Toxic Shock Girldom

good idea for a forum topic!
i used to make a zine called 'trade entrance' (a zine about doing a phd on australian perzines).
i now make a zine called ' doubt2' - a zine about the usefulness of doubt.

and i edited a zine called 'a people's history of australian zines vol2', which has two short essays by longtime australian zine makers about how and why they came to make zines (and why they stopped). i have some of them left if anyone wants to trade - get in touch!
I'm interested in 'All Things Perverted'-please!

AndrewLips said:
im working on 4 =/ they are all very different..

That Summer - perzine, about growing up, loosing friends, college, finding a job
All things perverted - sex/smut, about all things strange and sexual, weird sex acts etc..

these are the two im mainly focused on right now.

I know most people have one name for their zine like Aubade, and so many others but mine are all very different, and I know this is bad because if people want to read other stuff by me it's harder but I may call each zine Andrew Lips - That Summer or Andrew Lips - All things perverted? so on the cover it would still have my name for people to reconise..

good idea? bad idea?
i do Lights Go Out zine here in the UK



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