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In order to familiarize myslf with more of you quicker and hopefully become more social/active on here.I thought I would ask you what zine(s) do you produce and what kind of zine is it.

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I edit Attack!!!!, it's a series of collections of creative work on given themes. At the moment everyone is making work based on each others' work -- 13 whole issues are going to grow out of individual pieces that appeared in issue 5, and we're on our sixth. One more and we're halfway! THEN what? Oh indeed. Don't worry we've got a couple of years to work that one out.

We put on live nights, too, where contributors get to show off on stage, and really soon there's going to be an Attack!!!! radio show on Glastonbury FM community radio... I can't wait.

I also make my own one-shots occasionally and have a sort of perzine (of my own creative work) called Cartilage which there hasn't actually been a new issue of for ages if I'm honest. More details all over here.
hey, whats up party people?

im laci marie and i produce a zine entitled 'unplug the jukebox', which is a zine of my artwork.

im also in the process of writing my first personal zine called 'cats from japan', which is a project that i'm very excited about :)

I've done a lot of one-shots and a couple of perzines. I run an afterschool creative arts program at my church and am teaching some of the more creative kids the art of zines. I have a couple of punkers and a couple of juggalo's that are funny and creative and have sold them on the idea of creating zines to express themselves. I'm trying to give them free reign on their project without censoring them too much. We'll see how that goes...
I write a zine called Trailer Trash - on its 14th year now. It's got all sorts of things from personal stories, job horror stories, interviews with interesting people, zine reviews, travel stories, funny stories making fun of myself, political issues and anything else I find of interest. I like to read thick zines so I also like TT to be between 50 to 100 pages. I'd say it's a multiple use zine - you can read it in the bathroom for a bit and still have plenty left over to read over breakfast. And lunch.
ButtRagMag and Weet!Weet!Weet!. BRM is downright shitty toilette humor and W3 is about guinea pigs, the furry kind!
I write a zine called Dimanche. It's a lighthearted food/perzine that has recipes and personal stories. My newest zine is called Skills, and it's full of DIY tutorials. I'vea also made a couple of forgettable, small-run zines, like Four Horsemen and Pi(e) Zine. Actually, Pi(e) zine was pretty cool, if I do say so myself.
I compile a zine Pony Express. It's a mail art zine and I'm always looking for more mail art.

I also just finished my new zine project, Monkey Business, it's a per zine about my son and my adventures with him. I'd love to trade with folks it they're interested.
my zine babies:
Fat Girl - body image/haes/body posi/beauty/self image, 1/4 size.
mostlyHANDwritten - tutorials, how tos, stories, selections from visual diary, art, 1/2 size.
cook this! - recipes.
Dad Zine - memorial/honoring art and writings (brief) about fathers and father figures. 1/4 size.
do not bend - mini art, stories. 1/4 size.
EVE ART - series of collaborative art/writing/poetry zines, usually catalogues of mail art trades, etc, 1/4 or 1/8 size.
Transgression - a catalogue of nudes and definitions (#1 is a catalogue of my BFA thesis show), 1/4 size.
toy camera - a zine with photography assignments and tutorials on how to use a toy camera (holga) with tips on lighting & such.
and a bunch of one shot little thingies.

here's a pic of my zine stash from a little over a year ago. it has since grown:

i'm thinking abotu starting a new one. always with the swapping titles.
My zine is called ReWrite, and I actually made a page explaining what it's about. I like trades!
My zine is The East Village Inky, a handwritten, hand illustrated quarterly chronicle of my life with my feral young in New York City. Obscurities reviewed, Occasional recipes, Advice to the Fathers by my playwright husband, whom an early reader summed up as 'the moody bespectacled cabin boy'. There's more info at http://www.ayunhalliday.com
i write a perzine called "Carrots and Condoms". the current issue is about me traveling to oregon to practice permaculture on a rural homestead, analyzing "environmental activism" in the city vs. the country and what it means to live in a capitol city, and self-reflection and all that jazz. all the art is my pen-and-ink drawings.

i'm currently working on the next issue sub-titled, "a midnight tea party on your front lawn" about abuse, depression, community, sex, relationships, activism, etc.
I edit a art/lit zine called Khubz. I guess it's really part journal, part zine. We're based out of Pittsburgh, with a primary focus on the art and literature coming out of the Rustbelt, and the impact living in a post industrial region has on perceptions of art and creative writing.

I'll be expanding the concept behind the zine into my dissertation in the far too near future.


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