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In order to familiarize myslf with more of you quicker and hopefully become more social/active on here.I thought I would ask you what zine(s) do you produce and what kind of zine is it.

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Currently, I make "and per se and." With the first two issues it could be categorized as an 'art' zine, but I have plans for later issues being reference and non-fiction. Whatever I'm most interested in at the moment gets compiled into "and per se and." Typography, scientific graphs, cloud identification...

Also, I'm Vanessa.
i make a perzine called YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL, and i'm just finishing issue 7. i also do a musical fanzine called BEAT TORTURE with my friends kasper & lori, and am working on a yet unnamed cooking zine. also done an art zine with my boyfriend called YES DARLING BUT IS IT ART. i also did a perzine back in the day called KERSA X. but that was a very long time ago.
I just did a one-shot (actually, a three-shot. I made extra's) for a friend. I included a mix cd with it. This one is done all on computer and I printed the cover on a paper grocery bag. I used my inkjet for the cover page and it turned out pretty cool...it looks screenprinted. It's called "the uft". It was the art-school punk band at the college I attended and I've always liked the name. It has a drawering my daughter did, a journal entry, and some ministry/non-profit groups that I think are doing amazing things that I think need support, and some silly, random things.
I"m also doing an art/photography/poetry one at church called "Of Coffee and Community". We have a corner of the worship space given over to paintings and photo's and I thought having a hard copy of peoples art and poetry available for folks to take home would be fun to take home.

I grew up Southern Baptist as well...I totally agree with you on that, and it's a wonder I'm not an atheist.
I'm working on ABSENT PRESENT - which explores my research tangents (philosophy, the unconscious, critical theory, anti-moderntity, bygone eras, anarchism, feminism, sexuality, nihilism, criminology, deviancy, mental health), my personal reflections, reviews and short stories - with an emphasis on these themes.

I'm also starting a perzine called CAT'S TEETH which will take fragments from my huge collection of diaries, focusing alot on relationships, sex, bisexuality, monogamy and non-monogamy, anxieties and fantasies, taboo, what it means to expose your real self, and if we can ever truly get inside anyone. Drawings and scribbles and trying to make sense of life.
mini poetry...20 poems on one sheet of 8.5x11

perzine...the life and times of MOI...one sheet of 11x17

how about you??

send snail addy to


if ya wanna trade

tim scannell
port angeles, wa
I've done a few zines. Started when I was 13 with Just That Good. I think that got to either 16 or 17 issues. Perzine and it got me through high school

Did a few one-shots called Paper Clips. That's actually got two issues because it's my 24-hour-zine zine...yeah. I save Paper Clips especially for that event, though I missed it last year. I've done another one shot called The Marvelous Disaster of Revealing Your True Feelings. Paper Clips is a perzine, mostly random, though. TMDoRYRF was a really, raw zine. I talked about my first love for the first time ever. Most of my friends didn't even know about all the details of it and the fact that it was still affecting me years later.

Now I have started a new zine called Darling Disasters. She is my baby, my true, true baby. She has one issue out, and I'm currently working on issue two.
how do i get a hold of this baby? sounds right up my alley...

Zacery Nova said:
I'd never made a zine or anything like that until this month.

I made a horror newsletter called 'Why Do I Like Stupid Horror Movies?' which was movie reviews, and my second newsletter is called the same thing - but is more of a perzine/article newsletter
We make sacraWOMENto.
A feminist//riot grrrl zine based out of Sacramento, Ca. Everything we do is something that has to do with our town. Our town lacks any type of feminist/riot grrrl scene. We want to get the word out there to let people know what a zine is, and what riot grrrl means to Sacramento women.
We do band reviews, featured artist, monthly polls and lots of art.
We are going into our 2 issue, and it's going smoothly so far :)
thought it'd be good to bump this thread.

my current zine is monstress. each issue is organized around a different monster with homemade pulp fiction, comics, movie and concert reviews, letters and historical material. i've done some one shots, including a recent monster coloring book. my last two issues were kind of paired, "the thing from another world 1," with 1950s style science fiction and a venusian space lady threat and "the thing from another world 2," featuring 1930s lovecraftian space horror in lake erie and on mars. monstress is feminist, anti-racist, queer and trans-positive but not directly political.

(and if any of you are old enough and toronto GTA enough to remember MadCow, i used to do that).
I used to make a zine called Graceful Suicide, but it's now turned into Beautiful Mess, and it's a perzine about struggling to get through life to the best of one's ability and dealing with the many slipups, as well as just a place for me to vent in a creative way and have fun with scissors and glue.

I also make Sleeps With Ghosts, which is also very personal, but geared towards body and sexual issues. It features nudity, abortion, drugs, sex, affairs, romance, relationships, dealing with insecurity, and so on and on and on.

I also make occasional one-off zines for different things. The only one I still have available right now is called ZINE: Zeniths Integrate Neuveau Effervesences and it's a DIY how-to guide for...making zines! It's geared towards a younger audience because I made it to give out at some zine workshops I did a few summers ago with younger kids.
I make a zine called Square Dance that collects my comics (variously silly, surreal, and socially-conscious), co-edit two comics anthologies a year for the Trees & Hills Comics Group of VT, NH & west MA, and am co-editing a third this year for new group Offshore Comics. I edited Keene Free Comics before we had T&H, edited T&H's free comic Twig & will be co-editing it when we revive it soon. I used to have a zine called Before Sleep that collected strips from my daily sketchbook comic exercise & am working on a book to collect that stuff. I'm also working on a series of small one-off free comics that I'll later reformat for use in Square Dance.
Right now I'm working on the first issue of "The Tumultuous Times". It's my first perzine, but I've been putting out zines since 1983. I also put out "Film Geek", and it's been around since'98.

Here's the front and back cover of TTT:



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