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In order to familiarize myslf with more of you quicker and hopefully become more social/active on here.I thought I would ask you what zine(s) do you produce and what kind of zine is it.

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I write Pulse Zine which I describe as a zine about "life,feminism and learning to love yourself" it includes articles on growing up, the media, body image, personal struggles, gender, sexism and much more. Each issue features an interview with a cool woman who is inspiring others.
I make night cookies. issue #6 is just finished!

it's a personal 'zine written by a 26 year old transsexual single mama of two home schooled kids (that mama is ME!) about lots of stuff, mostly sex, my process of learning to love myself, flashbacks to earlier times in my life, and stuff about parenting/cute anecdotes about my kids.
Story To... a literary/photography zine aimed at commuters. In fact, Issue Two will be available for download from our blog on Monday: www.storyto.wordpress.com.
kelly, that's pretty funny than we both write a 'zine about learning to love yourself and we posted right after each other! i also write songs about learning to love myself.;) <3, katie
KellyRose-Pulse Zine said:
I write Pulse Zine which I describe as a zine about "life,feminism and learning to love yourself" it includes articles on growing up, the media, body image, personal struggles, gender, sexism and much more. Each issue features an interview with a cool woman who is inspiring others.
I'm Harriette in London and I've written poetry for different zines, and I'm putting together my first poetry/prose/photography/drawing zine at the moment! It's called Whip.
I'm trying to reach out to vague youngsters who feel like they can't/won't get published and to remind people that there ARE decent young writers out there.
And! I'm hoping to do some prose and illustration zines in the future too... it'll hopefully happen! (fingers crossed)
my names lee I do a few bits mainly for fun.

My most recent stuff is a comic called 'Modernism can be dull' which has lots of comic strips about growing up with a parent in the army, alcholism, sex, magic mushrooms, cats and william blake? (the cornerstones of any great party eh?)

I also have done two issues of a comic based on the krautrock beat 'Motorik' (ie repeated images) called erm Motorik.

and also another two issues of a zine called 'Cut Up Technique' which is well..you prob get the idea from the title.

reading this back I realise I sound super pretentious...so err dont pick up any of my stuff.

but if your about in london on saturday pop along to this and you could just ignore the table I'll be on :)
I currently produce "Creatures of Habit," which is essentially a bestiary. I've made four volumes so far and will eventually create a compilation of all the content. I've also done a one-off called SHOE, which is a personal catalog of my footwear.

I'm now looking for ideas for more one-offs and maybe another serial.
GENEROUS is a 'quarterly zine/bi-weekly blog that promotes information and sometimes humor. We consider ourselves feminist but pro-woman would probably be closer and we also like to reach out to plus-sized folks as well.
I very irregularly produce a zine called Diatribe (now on issue 6 - mostly political but sometimes personal, I often rant about all things politics, conspiracy theories, random stories surrounding my drunken alter ego, and a handful of contributions from others). I've also contributed to a handful of comp zines and made a few one shot zines such as Vices Make My Life More Interesting (booze, fights, and scifi) and I, Objector (a collaboration with my girlfriend Kate about alternatives to voting). I also helped to edit the now defunct Fall of Autumn quarterly zine. I've been meaning to get around to making another issue of Vices along with a zine filled with stream of consciousness writing (mostly heady philosophical stuff in the vein of Robert Anton Wilson) I've dubbed "You Are Here, This Is Not" but those have yet to see the light of day. I've also really wanted to put something together on various creepy US military research projects and weaponry, but that's a far way off as well.

I'm Heather and I write a comic zine called "Dreams of Donuts". It is pretty much a perzine in comic form.
I'm a pro cartoonist, but have found a love for self publishing and expression so much, I've started my own zine (debut April 2009) that celebrates the creative human spirit, Hello World! It uses underground methodology and well, it's a lot of fun!
I make Poor But Happy ( a guide to low-budget living) - number 3's on its way. I've done one shots previously; You Are Here which was a zine of short stories, and Publish and Be Published which was a how-to guide based on the experience of DIY publishing my novel, the black car leaving. I also write bits and pieces for comp zines as and when I see a call that appeals to me. Currently I'm taking a long run up to starting work on my first perzine, an idea I'm pretty sure I'll live to regret.



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