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In order to familiarize myslf with more of you quicker and hopefully become more social/active on here.I thought I would ask you what zine(s) do you produce and what kind of zine is it.

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motor city kitty - its a perzine, basically, with some feminist writings, occasional reviews, etc.
i'm also working on a food zine called my little cookbook, but am far from completing that project.
and do you make a zine?
I make:
Fanzine Ynfytyn (various issues)
Egeszsegedre- one off about Hungary
silly mini collage ones- pobble eh come & oh for olives
also coming out next week- Imaginary Uncles
The last zine with several issues that I made was called 'giantess'. it had personal stories and short fiction in it. I haven't sent the last 2 issues to any overseas distros though (I'm in australia), just Sticky and to friends. I plan to get a little more organised in the coming months and send off the zine properly (I don't plan to continue making it after the latest issue, #10)

I also do a few one shots (some out of print for years, others more recent), and some anonymous ones.

I know there are a ton of Pander expats on here and the like, but I'm not sure who is who so I hope more people reply to this. Also, would love to track down more australians who are on here.
Hello :)

I'm Emma. I'm an artist from Newcastle, Australia. I have two zines, one is called "Creatures and Dreams" (sketch/colouring book with paper doll centerfold) and another called "Book Art" which is about... Um... my book art. Probably easier to point you towards my blog so you can see what my art is like, hopefully that is ok.

I be making Beat Motel, it's got a bit of music content but it's mostly columns and crude humour. I also write for gawd knows how many other zines and magazines, and have written for the BBC. I'm not bragging though, I'm just crap at saying no when people ask me to write for them. My parents always ask how much I get paid, to which I can confidently always give the same reply, "nuffink", to which they remind me I was brought up to talk proper.
talk proper, innit, you mean Andrew. Don't go dropping your innits, people will think you are frightfully common.
Now a Webzine.... Postmortem Remains was in print till this summer... bands/artists/writers/photographers... all is welcome... used to do State of Mind a NYHC fanzine... violent Malformation a personal zine... and probably others in my head without me knowing
i do various comics zines.. some ongoing series, some one-shots... and i make some Rock Underground zines. but make english versions of the Rock zines is too busy, thens I only have english versions of the comics zines.
Poet's Espresso, a poetry/art/photography/recipe/events zine-newsletter-publication. Just recently upgraded from colored cardstock black and white cover up to now a color glossy paper cardstock cover. The rest is still in black and white. It's free at coffee shops, colleges, book stores, libraries, restaurants, places that have community counters in central valley, bay, and Sacramento areas of California. And by subscription at $7 a year (6 issues) or $1.50 an issue (basically the postage cost more or less). We have another ning for it...
I currently do two zines,
Banzai - which is your all purpose music, articles, stuff, art etc type zine, I am working on the last issue, #5 (at least for awhile) and
Threat N Ink which is all about DIY comics and Art, issue #4 (the Illustrated Songs issue) in the works now.
I have a few one shot zines in the works, including one about meeting celebrities, one about japan, one about doing art at work when you should be working, and one about beards. I have also toyed with the thought of doing a one shot on Adam and the Ants (though i doubt i will ever release it) and one on punk fashion (mostly patch clothing). And if I have time, a bunch of mini comics too.
Emma Jane Falconer said:
talk proper, innit, you mean Andrew. Don't go dropping your innits, people will think you are frightfully common.

Reminds of one of my favourite album titles 'Fold your arms boy, you walk like a peasant'


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