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In order to familiarize myslf with more of you quicker and hopefully become more social/active on here.I thought I would ask you what zine(s) do you produce and what kind of zine is it.

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ooo, gort!

W. Alan Fare said:
Right now I'm working on the first issue of "The Tumultuous Times". It's my first perzine, but I've been putting out zines since 1983. I also put out "Film Geek", and it's been around since'98.

Here's the front and back cover of TTT:

I'm new, so I don't have much yet, but I'm working on it. I made my first zine, A Character Sandwich, this past spring. It's a collection of my own short fiction pieces sandwiched in between short pieces about myself. I'm working on a second zine, and I intend to continue the food metaphor through a series for I don't know how long. My next zine will be called Turtle Soup, and I don't think this one will have any fiction. It's a perzine about finding my voice and hoping to speak to others who can identify with turtles, hiding in their shells and agonizing about coming out.

Before either of these, last year, I was part of an anthology called Repeat Offenders, which was a hodgepodge of good fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art produced by a Write Around Portland (Oregon) Seasoned Writers Class.

Thanks for asking.
I write Sapphire Tiger - the 1st issue is basically a perzine about all things grrl, queer, music, art - and me travelling over Canada and the States and encounters of love and loss; it's kinda cute and colourful - next issue is moving away from the perzine style (although I dare say it will feel quite similar since I am making it!) to a more accesible zine for women with a focus on music, queer issues, DIY, art n' craft, rock'n roll, love, spiritituality, yoga, cupcakes, unique recipies etc, with an intention to empower, and inspire women (and guys) to do whatever they do. I am seeking writers - anyone that can comment on the Montreal art/alternative scenes, and everyone else will have to be Australian as I am from Melbourne! please check me out if you're interested...good luck with yr zines everyone, i think this site is awesome :)
I just finished my first one for the 24hour zine project. I've read them for years but hadn't written one. tended to write in notebooks or letters to friends. I think it's a little plain but it was a quick one to ease into it - called "24 Things I've Made...". we had to do 24 pages so I had one page per thing. I think really it was me trying to (partly) answer the question 'what have I actually done with my life' - perhaps part of a mid-life crisis again. I tend to think I'm defined by my job, so I was happy to discover that work was only one thing on the list and the other 23 things were outside-of-work projects. (sub-conscious at work!) so even though it was plain & simple, it's partly answering some of the questions about myself, so I'm happy to have finished it :)
Cheaptoys. a punk-per-zine loaded with reviews, vegan receipe, cut&paste layout. quite a cliché. in french, and sometimes english now.
I make a zine called the Muse the News and the Noose. It began as a small short story, loosely autobiographical. The first 3 issues were about a relationship between a couple that has broken up, but still reflects upon the past.
Issue 4 was an interview with a band I grew to enjoy and become friends with. Issue 5 (newest as of June '09) is a collection of one off short fiction I wrote.

My writing is usually based on my own experiences, so it could be perceived as a perzine, but its written in the third person. And people usually say my stories are depressing.

So there's that.
I did No Barcodes Necessary zine in the 90's.
I currently do Directhit zine, though haven't made a paper version in a couple of years as I'm too skint.
I'm making a collab zine with some people on a forum and I'm working on a perzine that i hope to have out by the end of the year :D
We'll Never Have Paris, a narrative nonfiction lit zine, 'for all things never meant to be'. Vol 5 out Sept 19.
Currently two titles: Eclectic Domestic and Bohemian Housewife

Eclectic Domestic (which tends to chronicle my more positive side) includes things like:

Twenty-Four-Hours - an hour by hour chronicle of one day
Disorganized Librarian - thoughts about my big home library, why I have so many books, etc.
Education by Osmosis - about unschooling as a Christian, an educational philosophy that is generally maligned by Christians
On Gratitude and Contentment
I am Woman, Hear Me Roar - about the benefits of tracking your menstrual cycle to understand your moods
Off The Bookshelf - book reviews
Things I Say I Want to Do, Which I Actually Rarely Do - just what it sounds like
Some poetry
Some recipes

Bohemian Housewife (which is more philosophical):

War Between the Spirit and the Flesh - dealing with my sinful tendencies
The Doubting Side - times when I feel discouraged in my life
Phases I Have Gone Through - chronicling all the phases I have gone through since I was about 15 and how they have been integrated into who I am now
Various Vignettes - weird memories from my past
Writer's Block Rapidwrite - where I deal with a bunch of issues that were swimming around in my brain, from aging to WWI and the Depression, the relationship between freedom and evil, how psychology fits in with the Christian faith, integrating various thoughts about women as persons and regarding their roles, my place in the zine world
Adventures in Impurity - dealing with my unpleasant experiences with pornography and other things that affected my feelings about myself related to sexuality

I am percolating a new one called God Made Me, which will deal somewhat with the stereotypes Christians have of each other, and will be written by my four alter-egos - adding Fit Femina (who writes about vanity and fitness issues) and Aging Artiste (who writes about finally finding my creative voice in my late 30s) to Bohemian Housewife and Eclectic Domestic.
i've made 3 zines, all pretty different.

the first is 'stories about bodies,' and is about being a radical feminist who deals with an eating disorder.
the second is 'menstrocity!" and is about period love.
the third is an art zine called 'my friends are hard to draw (but easy to love)' and it's just drawings of my besties.
I'm behind GENEROUS - a slightly quirky 'zine (and blog) geared toward not-so-beautiful women or have issues with size,relationships,etc. Not a fashion, celebrity (though we do rip on them from time to time - especially the ones that are the worst pretenders) or how-to-please-your-man-that's-probably-cheating-anyway.

We've been around since 2007 and though the recession has slowed us down a little, it's not time to fold just yet.


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