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Does anyone want to trade mixtape/cd? I was thinking maybe(mixspace style) all interested submit their name and format and after say four weeks, get paired up and exchange mixtapes?


Lee Tape Or Cd for Tape Or Cd

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hey this sounds cool, i;m interested.

the names imogen, format...i can produce a nice lil cd for a cd or cassette for my car if anyones interested! i had an idea to get my sixth form to do some kind of mix tape amnesty but unfortunately my ambitons were never realised! great idea! am i too late!?
no your not too late, i'm doing the pairings tomorrow evening
Yeah come on, I can't wait either.
Here goes the pairings:

Andrew Lips VS Sketch
Toby (The new wave..) VS Kate A - T
Thomas (Joshuan Norton Press) VS Heath Row
Jess (Milwakie Zinefest) VS Lee
Adam Ford VS Imogen
Kelley VS Japhy Zine
Elfcentric VS Noisey Fanzine
Patrick R! R! VS Alexandra
Rebekah VS Lee

So the next step is to contact your partner, exchange addresses, choose fomat, get making your cd/tapes and put them in the post. I usually take pictures of the artwork(if any) that accompanies the mix and post them here after(once your prtner recieves it of course).

Les get making!

Ps: Due to odd numbers I have had to pair myself with two people. If anyone thinks they would rather make the tape just let me know.
Then wait no longer
I do a radio on web: www.afroreggaedigital.com
click on "Lista de Programas"
wait the buffer and...
My broadcast is: afrozine
thanx a lot!
We were supposed to take photos of our own?
I did not do this.

AndrewLips said:

here's the one i did for sketch :)
I'd love to participate in this!

Tape/cd for tape/cd
Ooh, ooh, cover art included would be even cooler!

*goes off to make cover art for mix*

Sorry for the horrible handwriting and bad lighting.
When do we get paired up for this?
It already happened, sorry. Maybe we can all do another one though.

BrightCircle said:
When do we get paired up for this?



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