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What do you guys / did you guys think about the Zine Wiki site? (If not familiar: it was a wiki dedicated to zines, with pages on specific zines, publishers, and distros, plus some article reprints.)

I know some people thought it had flaws, but I thought it was a great resource, and I'm still a bit sad that it was never resurrected after being hacked. I have thought about contacting Fall of Autumn/Alan to see if they might turn it over to the care of Zine World, to see if we could reconstruct it or if not, start it over... but I know I can't really spare the time myself to do the work.

Just curious: Does anyone else think it would be worth it? Does anyone else want to see it up and running again?

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I can provide hosting for nowt, this is my hosting company PunkHosting.com. Well I say company, it's me and one Linux box and one NET box but I've been running servers for over ten years so I know my shit!
I'm a computer semi-illiterate so the only thing I can do is cheer, but I really hope you'll be able to revive Zine Wiki. Good luck!
awesome jerianne! good luck with all that and be sure to ask for help if you need it!
Oh my gosh, I'd LOVE to see this reinstated. Nick Henderson did so much work on the australian part of this. I wonder if it's on the wayback machine in the meantime?
so? is there any up date on this sitch.
I remember Zinewiki vaguely. It was kind of cool but somehow it never seemed as complete as some other wikis I've read. I like wikis for the fact that you can get lost in a weird meandering internet adventure that can go on for hours. I guess it's unfortunate that Zinewiki blew up before it got to that point.
I would love love love to see this back up and running! Somebody do it! I would if I had the technical capabilities..
We are still working on it; we've had some things come up on our end that were a higher priority to deal with, so we had to put it on the back burner for a while. I'm hoping we can make some headway soon.
Update: We're making progress and hope to have ZineWiki back online soon!
Yay! This should be something I'll want to get involved in finding info on zines on and putting up a listing.

Jerianne said:
Update: We're making progress and hope to have ZineWiki back online soon!


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