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has anyone made a pdf drop-in imposition that would do 4-up back/front 8.5x11 pages?

just wondering

also, are you all old-school cut'n'paster & photocopy or are you all graphic designers using quark/indesign? thanks

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I'm neither. I am an artist, so I scan in my work and then digitally alter it... Actually, I think that makes me both haha.
I write in my notebook, edit in word, then retype words on a typewriter and do the rest of the zine cut and paste with the aid of a photocopier for layout.
I'm right in the middle with Brainspew. But I'm bringing out another zine soley cut and paste.
Sometimes I use the computer just for text but I recently acquired a typewriter so most of my zines are cut and paste!
I usually copy stuff from my notebook into a word processing document. Though recently, I've been kind of into handwriting at least part of my zine. I used a typewriter for bits of #7, too, though.
well i just went to an indesign conference and i know how to do it now. i also researched and some guy on crimethinc. helped me big-time. shameful plug :P but he deservs it
yea i'm all about the cut'n'paste. i occasionally use the computer to type up some stuff but more often use my typewriter or handwrite it. i also sometimes print graphics off the comp but not so often.


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