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So the story starts here..I was looking through some photos of my town taken at night. I was amazed by how great the place looks especially considering how it look during daylight hours.
This got me to thinking, I would like to collect images of other peoples towns by night, maybe a view from a rooftop, the parts of a town most people dont see, basically your town by night. Along with maybe a story, description or poem about that place(around 100 words).

I want to publish this in black and white photos(dont worry if yours are colour), everyone who contributes will get an issue of the zine and a chance to see a bunch of all other places by night.

If your interested then mail me at brainspew@hotmail.co.uk of drop me a line on my profile.

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Sounds like a great idea. Many towns are transformed by lighting, shadows, differences.
Hmmm, I'm not sure if my photos would work in black and white, but I will have a look and let you know ;)
I could do a few in colour, but sadly I'm limited to mostly black and white as I'm on major budget. But dont rule out colour all together if the photo is something special.

Thanks for the interest.
another great idea, i'd be into getting involved in!
Hows about THIS?
that gets a thumbs up mr culture. if you want to submit it could you email it to my address along either any information. maybe a description of why you took it.
Just to let all who are interested int his that the release date is being pushed to jan/feb as I now have to move house and cant dedicate some much time to it this year.

So open for submissions until mid January.

Pass this information on to anyone you know.

I like this idea. I need to wander around my town to take some better photos (there are a few spots I've seen where I think "this would make a spiffy photo," but haven't gotten around to getting there with a camera). For now, here's one.

I've also got some shots of one of my favorite places, Duluth, Minnesota, starting here and here.

This is still one of my favorite photos I've taken.
I'll send something for sure.
Also, in one of Andrew Culture's previous posts there is a link to his photos on Flickr. I followed the link and found a picture of a window in Andrew's brother-in-law's flat. That reminded me of an old mail art project I had contributed to a few years ago. I had always wanted to do something on the subject of windows, so I guess the time's come. If you are curious, please have a look at my forum. Of course everybody is invited to participate. Thank you Lee & Andrew for the inspiration.
Gianni Simone said:
I followed the link and found a picture of a window in Andrew's brother-in-law's flat.

Ta da!

Beautiful picture, Andrew. I'll be sure to explore your Flickr collection further.
Many apologies, Lee, for derailing your project...


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