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What is the consensus on photocopying a zine you really loved for a friend?

I've occasionally wanted to do this but have stopped short every time.
The conditions I envisage are that:

(a) the zine is sold out;
(b) the zine is out of print;
(c) the zine maker's contact details net no response when you contact them re availability or for permission;
(d) it's a zine you don't want to give away because it's so good;
(e) a zine you're nervous about lending out in case it doesn't make it back to you (which can happen for a whole host of reasons; your friend is not greedy or sly!);
(f) you do not charge your friend (or anyone) for copying it for them.

What's your stance on the topic? Are there variables I've omitted that make any difference? Does copyright come into it? Is there an unspoken consensus on this that I've never unearthed in 20+ years of reading zines?!

I'm really curious to hear what people think about this.

- lofipi -

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Really? I find this whole discussion rather amazing. People want to photocopy other people's zines? Wow. I can't even get most people to read the ones i put out let alone the old ones. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
It would be a crappy photocopy, but I don't see anythign wrong with it given these guidelines
unless a zinester gives permission in their zine explicitly that it's ok to copy, i would not copy it. find a copy somewhere online. when in doubt, ask permission. though if you can't get with them... i dunno. i think i would be kinda annoyed if someone broke down my zines and copied them. i put a lot of work into those things!
This is one of the oldest forums in WeMakeZines, and it's been by far one of the more interesting. At this point (well, from page 2 or 3 to be precise) we can say that there are people who agree and people who desagree on photocopying. There are no written rules, but many different approaches and attitudes. For an example, have a look at another forum ("Old Zines We Wish We Could Find") and see for yourself.
And by the way: I here declare that you can do whatever you want with my zines.



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