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I love checking out other people's rooms, and I'm curious to see the spots where you make your zines.
Here's mine

I can't be arsed to upload all the photos here, they're on my journal anyway http://oh-meow.livejournal.com/138089.html

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Thats a nice work area. I will upload some photos of mine when I've removed all the dishes.
Cool idea for a thread! My photos are on Flickr so, I've added notes so you can see what everything is!

My study is an a converted outhouse, my house is about 120 years old so wasn't built with a crapper, my photos are here, here, and this is my distro. There are usually more cats though!
Although I live in a flat, it somehow came with an outside toilet with no toilet in, so it's the bin shed now. Most odd though, esp as it's a regency building and the outside toilet bit is out front. Odd place to put the outside toilet, no?
You're organised, with some nice gadgets Andrew. Every home office should come equipped with a theremin in my opinion.
Too right it should! This isn't just where I make zines, I work for myself, or am 'constructively unmployed' as I prefer to describe it and this is where I seem to spend most of my life!
I can't believe I didn't think of this, as the result of a very bizzare series of events you can watch where I make zines big-brother stylee here - LawsieCam.com



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