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So I made a goal of reading 200 zines this year! That's only 17 a month. Anyone else down? C'mon let's do it, that way we can feel justified in calling each other names in all the other forums!

Here's what I've read so far:

1. Seven Inches To Freedom #7
2. On Support//Ditching The Boys' Club
3. The Dream Of My Adolescence by Renzo Novatore
4. Shiny Things On the Ground
5. Vex Digest #11
6. Razorcake #59
7. Abbot and Costello Meet Dormarth's House of Horror Review: Evil 13th Issue
8. Psionic Plastic joy #16
9. Think About It...A Zine On Verbal Consent and Addressing Sexual Assault
10. Cutlass #5
11. To Destroy Sexuality
12. Razorcake #60
13. Against The Logic Of Submission by Wolfi Landstreicher
14. Apes Of the Sea:ReActions #2 by Keith Rosson
15. Stinkin' Never Thinkin' by Alicia Dyche
16. Abracadabra Zine #0
17. Gullible #15/Nothing Is Cool #4/Square Suckers #9/To Smear Your Face With American Dirt split

So far, I chose to include pamphlets that were independently (re)-printed. But chose not to include something I received from Microcosm to review because I draw the line at isbn numbers, that makes it a book. Ya gotta stop somewhere. That's just me.

I was thinking about making haiku reviews for each one, too! Maybe I'll get on top of that if this post gets read at all.

Anyway, get on board and post yours here, too! Commentary and discussion of stuff read is also encouraged!


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Haha, "It never serves well to be buttclenched" -- definitely one of my mottos. ;) Hence all the mini-zines on my list, in between the 80-page tomes.


It looks like you've been reading some awesome stuff!

54. Ilse Content #10

Warm, introspective writing

55. Sugar & Heartstrings #5

Great personal writing, invites you right in and before you know it, it's over and you're disappointed.

56. The Prince Zine by Joshua James

Expertly and extensively researched music journalism about everybody's favorite eccentric pop star.

57. Now Or Never #19

London anarcho rag. Some journalism. Some Humor. It's OK.

58. Razorcake #61

Great interview with Andrew Vachss and folks behind the book Heart Transplant on bullying

59. Burning the Bridges They Are Building: Anarchist Strategies Against the Police

Fuck you, pig!

60. Zine City Comics #?

Stream-of-consciousness introspective wisdom

61. Zine City Comics #?

" "

62. Summertime #4

Conclusion of a brilliant punk-as-fuck comic about survival.



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